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Marshall The Miracle Dog Cast

Meet the STL Cast & Crew of Marshall The Miracle Dog

Movie Poster

Not very often does a feel-good movie come along that really pulls at the heartstrings and appeals to children, tweens, and adults with relevant themes, such as bullying, courage, and kindness. Marshall The Miracle Dog is one of those long-awaited family films. Moreover, I’m thrilled to have witnessed the making of this movie, from start to finish. And the best part? I got to be an extra in the restaurant scene, even if you blink you might miss me.

The movie, filmed mostly in Edwardsville and Troy, IL, as well as St. Louis, was as much fun to make as it is to watch. Sure the movie features Hollywood stars like Matthew Settle, Shannon Elizabeth, and Lauren Holly, but many of the cast and crew are originally from St. Louis. Even though most of them have moved to LA to follow their dreams, they all love to come home to their Midwestern roots right here in the Lou.

If you haven’t seen the Marshall movie trailer yet–what are you waiting for? Watch it here! 

Finally, without further adieu, meet the STL crew and cast of Marshall The Miracle Dog.
marshall collage



Jay Kanzler (Director)

Jay with Lauren and dog handler

Jay Kanzler directs Lauren Holly and Debbie Pearl, animal trainer.

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Dream Fetchers Deliver Smooches From Movie Star Pooches


10351230_10152214150157613_608839621632036081_n-1The filming of Marshall The Miracle Dog is over, but for many of the famous canines in the movie, their work has just begun.

Their owner Debbie Pearl, founder of the full-service animal company Paws for Effect, hand selects some of her furry friends to visit sick children in hospitals and medical facilities across the country through the nonprofit organization Dream Fetchers, which she started in 2005. The impact that her famous movie dogs have on their fans, especially sick children, is the most rewarding part of her career as a professional dog trainer.  Every time she brings movie star dogs together with children who face life-threatening illnesses…magic happens.
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From Rags To Riches, Rescue Dogs Star in Marshall Movie

Max was a sick, emaciated puppy full of bug bites when his owner surrendered him to a shelter in Los Angeles. One year later, this loyal, smart, energetic Yellow Lab played the leading role in the movie “Marshall The Miracle Dog.”

Max (left) makes friends with Max and Ben on movie set.

Max (left) makes friends with Marshall and Ben on movie set.

At only eight weeks old and four pounds, Zeke suffered from a painful skin disease and was minutes away from being euthanized when given a second chance in life. Six months later, this sweet, intelligent Terrier Mix played a part in the hit show “Glee,” appeared in television commercials, and landed his first starring role in the movie “Sox” before joining the Marshall cast.



Zeke in Sox movie

Zeke stars in Hollywood movie.

Wylie was abused and scared when he ended up at the high kill animal shelter in LA County, which was known for having dogs with the contagious Parvo virus. Today, his portfolio includes a national Target commercial and several television shows.


These top dogs are among the incredibly talented canine cast of the soon-to-be-released family film “Marshall The Miracle Dog.” The dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and quirky personalities. But one thing they have in common—they are all rescues. Not only that, some of the lucky dogs participate in a nonprofit program called Dream Fetchers, which brings lovable movie dogs and sick children together for a powerful experience.

The rags to riches stories of these animals are as inspiring as Marshall himself, the real life Yellow Lab who was rescued from an animal hoarder in Missouri in 2010 and was so badly malnourished and injured that he died three times on the operating table, and the veterinarian had to amputate his leg. Today, Marshall travels to schools to encourage children to prevent bullying, never give up, and believe in miracles, an important message that resonates with every adorable pooch in the movie.

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