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Meet the STL Cast & Crew of Marshall The Miracle Dog

Movie Poster

Not very often does a feel-good movie come along that really pulls at the heartstrings and appeals to children, tweens, and adults with relevant themes, such as bullying, courage, and kindness. Marshall The Miracle Dog is one of those long-awaited family films. Moreover, I’m thrilled to have witnessed the making of this movie, from start to finish. And the best part? I got to be an extra in the restaurant scene, even if you blink you might miss me.

The movie, filmed mostly in Edwardsville and Troy, IL, as well as St. Louis, was as much fun to make as it is to watch. Sure the movie features Hollywood stars like Matthew Settle, Shannon Elizabeth, and Lauren Holly, but many of the cast and crew are originally from St. Louis. Even though most of them have moved to LA to follow their dreams, they all love to come home to their Midwestern roots right here in the Lou.

If you haven’t seen the Marshall movie trailer yet–what are you waiting for? Watch it here! 

Finally, without further adieu, meet the STL crew and cast of Marshall The Miracle Dog.
marshall collage



Jay Kanzler (Director)

Jay with Lauren and dog handler

Jay Kanzler directs Lauren Holly and Debbie Pearl, animal trainer.

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