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Welcome to my hood, motherhood that is. I bet you’re wondering what makes my website/blog different from the rest. Well, my writing combines domestic satire with Jewish wisdom that applies to all modern families. And it’s guaranteed to tickle your soul—or your money back. How many Top 25 Book Author Moms make that kind of offer?

Mishegas of Motherhood Raising Children To Leave The Nest…As Long As They Come Home For Dinner is a collection of my favorite essays in one tidy package. So if you want to know why every mom should own a dog, or survival tips for raising teenagers, or how to write a bar mitzvah speech, or a good reason not to camp, or how the insights of the ancient sages apply to modern parenting, then you’ve come to the right place. Just click on the book cover to buy yours today, or send me a note, and I will personally sign your copy with my purple pen.

If you want to read my current Blog/Column, just click on the link above or search the archives/categories on the side of this page.

When I’m not blogging here, I’m hanging out at my second home, Listen To Your Mother, which is part of a national movement to give motherhood a microphone. St. Louis is one of 32 cities across the country giving a voice to local writers, and each show is produced, directed, and performed by the community, for the community.

This is my reading of “Mom’s Best Friend Is A Dog” at the 2014 show.

So, my next exciting project involves co-authoring the children’s book series Marshall the Miracle Dog, which is the true story about a three-legged rescue dog who has inspired the world to be a kinder place. The original book is being made into a major motion picture–read all about my experience being an “extra” in the movie! 


Ellie Grossman, with endless wit and wisdom, gives us a front row view of not only to her motherhood career, but to our own.  You will undoubtedly, as I did, recognize yourself in the many stories she shares, giving us all an opportunity to do the most important part of motherhood– laugh and learn.
Lori Palatnik, International Author, Speaker, Educator, and Founding Director,The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project

In the tradition of Erma Bombeck and Ann Landers, Ellie mines her warm takes on her own family experiences to produce stories on an entire constellation of family issues. Her writing is good-natured, humorous and sometimes poignant, striking responsive chords with readers.
Robert A. Cohn, Editor-in-Chief  Emeritus,  St. Louis Jewish Light

Ellie Grossman has the kind of whimsical and engaging voice that helps you laugh at yourself and your parenting while helping you shift perspective to a more embracing, loving and affectionate approach. Her book made me smile inside.
Dr. Erica Brown, Author, Speaker, and Scholar-in-Residence for The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington