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Blackberry-Blueberry: It’s A Memory Mishap for the Middle-Aged Brain

Do you ever feel like you’re losing your mind? Not in a straight-jacket, padded-room kind of way. I mean, do you mix up words, forget names, miss appointments, drive in the car with destination unknown, and get frustrated with technology because you can’t remember how to record American Idol? It’s a wonder that I manage to do what I do everyday. Continue reading

Winning This Game Is A Losing Battle

I can’t think of a braver act, especially for a woman, than to step on a scale (without a blindfold) and get weighed on network television. If that’s not gutsy enough, imagine being videotaped as you sweat bullets on the treadmill and then posting your progress, pound by pound, on the World Wide Web for everyone and their mother to witness.

Perhaps the only thing more terrifying for me is to don a swimsuit in the dead of winter and stand before a live audience in a crowded lecture hall without a podium to hide behind. Then again, that’s just me. No wonder I’m in awe of the women on KSDK TV’s “Lose a Ton Challenge,” especially Carrie Zuhler, a 45-year-old Chesterfield mom, whose emotional rollercoaster ride to shed pounds is an inspiration to us all. Continue reading

Mother-Daughter Team Fight for Breast Cancer Cure

Every mother dreads her child getting seriously sick, so when Rita Worth’s daughter Kim Goldenberg was diagnosed in February 2004 with a very aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of only 33, she was devastated. She desperately wanted to help her daughter get better but felt helpless. Then she got a call to action. Continue reading

Torah Yoga: A ‘Kosher’ Workout For Body & Soul

Finally, I discovered a healthy way to energize my body and calm my nerves. Best of all, the remedy for an overworked mom requires neither a shot of espresso or sedative. It’s called Torah yoga—the ultimate “me” time.

A good excuse to focus on myself for an hour, Torah yoga unites the mind, body, heart, and soul. Talk about multi-tasking. Continue reading

Getting Fit Makes Sense For Moms

Ever since I joined a new health club, I’ve lost touch with reality. It all started when I allowed a personal trainer named Chad to pinch my body fat in places that my own husband is not allowed to go near.
Continue reading

Mom Sacrificies Gallbladder For Some Well-Deserved R&R

Sometimes moms go to extreme measures to get a little down time for themselves. Aside from the solicited kindness that occurs on special occasions, such as her birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day, women feel like they need a good excuse to be spoiled. In fact, recently I figured out how to indulge in almost a full week of pampering without leaving the comfort of my own couch. All it takes is the surgical removal of an organ. Luckily, I can live without my gallbladder. Continue reading

Shedding Pounds Weighs Heavy on To-Do List

Every night before I fall asleep clutching my body pillow, I make a list in my head of things to do for the next day. I don’t recommend this bedtime ritual for insomniacs, by the way. My random thoughts might include: Go to the bank/grocery store; drop off Luci at the groomer; write a story that makes half sense; meet girlfriends for lunch; attend variety show rehearsal; find Jack ride to basketball practice; take Sari to Hebrew school; help with school science fair; make doctor’s appointment; clean the basement; buy new indoor soccer shoes; revise menu with caterer; save the environment; and, oh yeah, lose weight for the upcoming bar mitzvah. Continue reading

Moms On The Go Join the Races

Moms these days are always on the run. We run errands. We run to the grocery store. We run after our children, constantly. We run around the house looking for misplaced math homework and lost car keys.

Moms are always on the go. We go to work, and we go workout. We go to appointments, and sometimes we go crazy. We go to baseball games, and we go to soccer games. We go to birthday parties, and we go to bar mitzvahs. We go shopping. Once in awhile, we go out to dinner. Sometimes we go too long and forget to go to the bathroom, but that’s another story. I could go on and on. Continue reading