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The Hidden Meaning of Purim–The Happiest, Holiest Holiday!

Purim is a celebration that is as rowdy and fun-filled with storytelling, gifts, costumes, charity, feasting, and trickery and plenty of L’chaims, as it is a serious dramatic holiday that teaches us how good overcomes evil and that things are now always what they seem to be. In other words, Purim is the happiest, holiest Jewish holiday of all.

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Let’s Make Some Noise—It’s Purim!

How can one of the holiest days in the Jewish calendar also be a  holiday that involves traditions to hide behind masks, parade in the streets dressed in colorful costumes, go overboard on a festive meal,  drink more alcohol than usual, run around like crazy to deliver bags of edible treats (mishloach manot) to friends, neighbors and even strangers, give tzedakah to the needy (or anyone who asks), not to mention make lots of noise in the middle of synagogue while the Rabbi reads from the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible),  Well, this is Purim, even inspiring my Rabbi friend to don a gorilla costume and swing from the rafters while making l’chaims.

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On Purim Treat Yourself Like a Queen

If ever moms deserve to feel like a queen, Purim is the time to treat yourself like royalty (before some of us become slaves again and start cleaning the house of chamitz for Passover). Continue reading

Purim Just Got Sweeter


Purim festivities start March 15.

While many revelers are still recovering from Mardi Gras, the Jewish people are just getting started. It’s almost Purim, and you know what that means. Parades, parties, dancing, costumes, mitzvahs, groggers, and, of course, hamantaschen.

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Queen Esther Uses Beauty and Brains To Save Her People

“I need a queen, a nice new queen
To sit beside me on my throne
And if she’s very nice to me
I’ll give her half of all I own.”

Sounds like a shady personal ad to me. Actually, this silly rhyme is a favorite Purim song among preschoolers, who parade in their gowns, crowns, and swords every year on the fourteenth day of Adar, and pretend to be powerful King Ahasuerus, villainous Haman, blessed Mordecai, and his younger cousin, the beautiful Queen Esther.

On this mysterious and mischievous holiday of Purim, children aren’t the only ones who shake their groggers and have a great time. Continue reading

Is Purim A Jewish Halloween? Now That’s a Scary Thought

Halloween is one of my favorite childhood holidays (aside from the eight days of Hanukah), and even to this day, the best part remains my guiltless binge on bite-size candy bars. Even though I don’t dress up like a scary witch with frizzy black hair anymore, at least not on purpose, I still like to welcome the full harvest moon with much spirit. Continue reading