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Looking for an entertaining and educational speaker for your upcoming event?

My presentations are tailored to your needs and appeal to multi-generational audiences. Popular topics include:

  • Parenting Then and Now. How Times Have Changed.
  • Sacred Mealtime. Give Your Family Something To Really Chew On.
  • Terrible Twos Vs. Teenagers.
  • Lessons From The Sages. How Ancient Advice Applies To Modern Child Rearing.
  • Jewish Traditions and Rituals. It’s All About The Food.
  • It Takes A Kibbutz To Raise A Child.
  • Mommy Blogging In A Social Media World.
  • Everyday Stress Busters That Lead To Happiness.
  • Chocolate. It’s Cheaper Than Therapy.

So keep me in mind for your next corporate meeting, temple retreat, volunteer organization luncheon, women’s group, book club, or mah jong game (even though I don’t know the difference between a pong and a kong).

By the way, I also create eloquent tributes for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals if you feed me strudel.

You can find me at ellie@mishegasofmotherhood.com.