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Named a finalist in the indie humor book contest “Shirley You Jest,” this collection of parenting humor essays is written in the tradition of Erma Bombeck with a Jewish twist. “Mishegas of Motherhood” is guaranteed to tickle the soul with topics such as, “Answering The Big Question: Is There A God?”, “Everything I Need To Know I Learned From My Dog,” “Chocolate Makes Everyday Sweeter,” “Planning A Dream Bar Mitzvah Can Be A Nightmare,” “Teen Brain Baffles Parents,” and the award-winning “Jewish Girls Don’t Camp.”

In addition to AmazonBarnes and Noble, and the Apple iBookstore, you’ll find “Mishegas of Motherhood” at your favorite local independent book stores, such as Left Bank Books and All On The Same Page Bookstore.

If you’ve already read the book and loved it, go ahead and flatter me with a rave review on Amazon, B&N, or Good Reads. If you didn’t like my book, keep it to yourself.

Guaranteed to tickle your soul–or your money back!