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Mishegas of A Dog’s Life

Finally, I have a column/blog of my own. I’m Luci, the apricot toy poodle whom many of you have come to know from reading my mom’s “Mishegas of Motherhood” columns over the years. Only this time I’m doing the talking. Continue reading

Prop B Vote Goes to the Dogs

The recent midterm election was a nail biter for me, and not because the Republicans took over the House, or that the hotly contested race for the Congressional seat in Missouri’s third district was still up in the air when I woke up the next morning, or that California rejected the legalization of marijuana. More than anything else, I answered my civic duty on behalf of all dogs, and I’m not referring to the politicians themselves. Continue reading

Make No Bones About It—Mitzvah Dogs Help Others

As all of you loyal readers know, “Mitzvot of the Heart” showcases boys and girls who use their unique skills and interests to help others and make a real difference in the community. It’s only fair then to praise our four-legged friends who do their part in making the world a kinder place as well. After all, a dog can perform a variety of good deeds, such as boost confidence in a child who struggles with reading, enable a disabled adult in a wheelchair to push open a door, and offer companionship to a lonely elderly person. It’s about time we give these mitzvah muts their well-deserved moment in the spotlight. Continue reading

Blessing of Animals is Howling Success

I can’t imagine life without Luci, my apricot toy poodle who comforts me when she lays across my lap and warms my body and soul like a cashmere blanket, who pulls the sock off my foot and then tries to put it back on, who knows just how to cock her tiny head and peer at me with her chocolate brown eyes to get whatever she wants, who rests her chin on the corner of the Monopoly game board without ever knocking over a hotel piece on Boardwalk. Continue reading

Horrific Missouri Puppy Mills Defy Jewish Law

Missouri is famous for many things: the pony express, Gateway to the West, Mark Twain, and, of course, caves, to name a few. The Show Me state is also on the map for something not as proud, but rather abominable: puppy mills. Continue reading

Everything I Need To Know, I Learn From My Dog

Sometimes the most important lessons in life come from unexpected teachers, such as my dog. I’m not the only philosophical pet-owner who writes about canine inspiration, so here’s my take on what my six-pound apricot toy poodle named Luci teaches me. Continue reading

It’s a Dog’s Life for Many Moms

Every mother should own a dog, even if her child is allergic and has to sleep in a tent in the backyard. (I’m referring to the kid, of course, and not the canine living outdoors). If a mother’s love has no boundaries, then her need to nurture extends to the four-legged kind as well. My toy poodle Luci is an integral part of my family—more so than some of my blood relatives—and she poses for all of our holiday cards. Weighing less than a gallon milk jug, my fluffy apricot pup provides the kind of comfort, companionship and unconditional love that no one else comes close to. I can’t remember the last time my husband licked my face or my kids brought me the newspaper without expecting an allowance in return. Continue reading