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In Honor of Queen Esther, Women Celebrate Their Inner Curl

If beauty is only skin deep, then why do women fuss so much over hair? If our hair is straight, we curl it with a perm. If our hair is curly, we straighten it with a flatiron. In my opinion, having a bad hair day merits a good excuse to not leave the house and instead crawl back into bed as if we are diagnosed with a contagious 24-hour virus. Continue reading

Queen Esther Uses Beauty and Brains To Save Her People

“I need a queen, a nice new queen
To sit beside me on my throne
And if she’s very nice to me
I’ll give her half of all I own.”

Sounds like a shady personal ad to me. Actually, this silly rhyme is a favorite Purim song among preschoolers, who parade in their gowns, crowns, and swords every year on the fourteenth day of Adar, and pretend to be powerful King Ahasuerus, villainous Haman, blessed Mordecai, and his younger cousin, the beautiful Queen Esther.

On this mysterious and mischievous holiday of Purim, children aren’t the only ones who shake their groggers and have a great time. Continue reading

Being Jewish Usually Means Dressing the Part

As I struggle everyday to pick my battles with my children, I usually surrender in the wardrobe war. In fact, I let my 11-year-old son Jack and seven-year-old daughter Sari wear what they want for the most part. Jack’s usual attire consists of a Hanes undershirt and athletic shorts. When he dresses formal, he hangs a shark’s tooth around his neck. Sari, on the other hand, showcases more outfits than my fat and skinny clothes combined. Still, she grabs the same striped pink tank top and ruffled skirt every time. Whenever I suggest that she wear something different, she looks at me like I’m as outdated as a taffeta prom gown. Continue reading