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Valentine’s Day

School Valentine Parties Get to Heart of Matter

Lately, I’m feeling nostalgic, and it happens every time around Valentine’s Day. This traditional romantic holiday, which dates back to third century Rome and is named after a Christian martyr named Valentine, is not the reason for my sentiment. Rather I’m reminiscent of when I was in elementary school (before disco became popular) and I decorated a Stride Rite shoebox to collect all my valentines. There were no holographic stickers, washable markers, and glittery gel pens in those days. To make my box pretty, I used red construction paper, pink hearts, and white paper doilies that I stole out of my mother’s dining room hutch. Continue reading

Love is in the Air; So Are Mold Allergies

Even though Valentine’s Day is named after two Christian martyrs named Valentine—that’s at least one of the theories—a Jewish woman nevertheless worships this romantic holiday. She loves to be loved, and Hallmark makes it official. It doesn’t seem to matter that the price of long stem roses quadruples in mid February. Flowers are symbolic of love and romance, so there. Deep inside, she desires to be treated like the unsuspecting actress on the Zales Diamond Store commercial. Continue reading