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New Year’s resolutions

Ring In The New Year With Life Changing Resolutions

As if the holiday season isn’t stressful enough with shopping, baking, decorating, spending, overeating, and overall frivolity, I impose yet another to-do list on myself—New Year’s resolutions. Continue reading

Toasting the New Year is Good for the Heart

Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to never make a New Year’s resolution again. Once again, I can’t keep any promises to myself. This year I’ve started another new tradition. In my annual holiday letter that I mail to family and friends, many whom already know everything about my year’s worth of reminiscence, I declare a catchy new slogan to live by for the year ahead. In 2008, for example, my motto was “Celebrate in 2008,” and that certainly came true with Jack’s bar mitzvah, the biggest celebration for my family last year. In 2009, I couldn’t make up my mind: “Wine and Dine in 2009” or “Feelin’ Fine in 2009.” Both are worthwhile objectives, don’t you think? Continue reading

Start the New Year with A New You, Or Not

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to never make another New Year’s Resolution. And this time I’m sticking to it. I figure, why bother setting myself up for failure when any promise I make to shed a few pounds is usually broken before the Super Bowl playoffs anyway? As soon as I tell myself that I won’t mindlessly munch on as many carbs, I start to fantasize about Mr. Salty Pretzel himself. Likewise, if I make a commitment to be a better parent, I feel even guiltier when I daydream about the laundry instead of paying attention to my daughter’s drawn-out synopsis of gym class.

Still, for those of you who follow tradition to make a resolution or set a personal goal, then more power to you. To improve your chances of success, here’s what the experts advise: Continue reading