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My House on Mackinac

front of house from center

My House on Mackinac Drive, 2014.

backyard with trees

My big backyard.

Situated on a private cul-de-sac in West St. Louis County, this charming ranch style house on Mackinac Drive is no ordinary property for sale. It’s my childhood home, built rock solid on a half-acre lot and filled with memories that now echo throughout the empty rooms.

steve and ellie on table

My brother Steve & I, watching cartoons in the den.

ellie and char in den

In the den with my mom Char, 1976.

ellie and steve on front porch

Hanging out on the front porch, 1967.

kids on swingset backyard

Neighborhood kids playing on the swing set, 1961

A few months ago, my mom moved out of the house on Mackinac and into The Hallmark, a senior living community that she will never call home, but it will have to do. Since then, I meticulously packed up every single piece of furniture, artwork, dish, glass, utensil, vase, photo album, clothing, down blanket, towel, flowered paper napkin, whatever I could find.  My mom took with her whatever she wanted, and I divvied up the rest to family,  friends, and charity. I kept for myself what meant the most to me, including a mink coat, a lucite coffee table, cookie sheets, and my mom’s wedding dress with a blue silk bow. I also grabbed a sparkly pink hoola hoop that Sari used to twirl around her waist and neck, and I brought home the nearly 3,000 slides that my dad documented our entire childhood.

steve, ellie by fireplace

Celebrating Hanukkah by the electric fireplace in the rathskeller, 1974.

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