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Chanala Rubenfeld

Pamper Yourself At Spa For The Soul

spa for soul

Mother’s Day may be over, but the upcoming Spa for the Soul is like a gift that keeps on giving. On Sunday, May 18, 5-8 p.m., join us for an evening  that is all about YOU!

The third annual Spa for the Soul, which takes place at The Butterfly House, 15193 Olive Blvd. in Chesterfield, brings together Jewish Women of all ages and backgrounds to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. The program includes mini massages, raffles, boutiques, and entertainment. Also, participants can take advantage of fun workshops, such as, Israeli dancing, Kabbalah of relaxation, and floral arrangements.

“The evening is dedicated to making women feel special and pampered, from the minute the program starts until it ends. Everyone will be handed a bubbly drink right when they arrive, and they will receive hand and shoulder massages, while relaxing music is being played. Before dinner is served, we will pass out warm, scented face and hand towels so our guests feel like royalty. We’ve planned a lot more surprises sure to make for the night memorable and worthwhile,” says Chanala Rubenfeld, Co-Director Chabad of Chesterfield.

Spa for Soul washcloths

Warm washcloths pamper the skin.

Of course, anyone who knows Chanala, mom of six boys, knows that when she throws a party, the food is always spectacular and an event in itself. The menu includes grilled chicken skewers, garlic knots, deli twirls, grilled veggies, hummus dip, dill dip, ratatouille salad, mini quiches, raspberry walnut salad, tri colored salad, grilled corn, and more. The gourmet dessert buffet tempts the tastebuds with chocolate mouse cake, date balls, moca mousse, and more, so wear an elastic waistband!

Here’s a peek from last year’s Spa for Soul decadence:

Spa for Soul desserts

Gourmet desserts tempt the tastebuds.

Spa For Soul table

Mimosas anyone?

Besides the decadent food, the other highlight of the evening is the guest speaker, Miriam Lipskier who is the co-founder and director of the Chabad Student Center at Emory University.  This sought-after educator and mom of six children from Atlanta has led teen and adult education programs in Israel, Moscow, South Africa, and the United States. She will entertain and inspire the audience with her presentation on “I Am A Jewish Woman…Hear Me ROAR.” Watch this dynamic speaker here!

Miriam Lipskier

Renowned Educator and Speaker Miriam Lipskier.

On top of all the food, activities, pampering, and inspirational learning, no one goes home empty handed!  In fact, you might win one of the fabulous door prizes that include airline tickets, gym memberships, Cardinals baseball tickets, challah delivery for a year, jewelry and so much more.

So hurry, space is limited! Please resister by Friday so Chanala knows how much food to prepare. Tickets also are available at the door.

To RSVP  and for more info, go to www.ChabadOfChesterfield.com/spa or call 636.778.4000.

Spa for Soul Ellie and Debbie

Ellie & Debbie indulge in last year’s Spa for the Soul.