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2015 St. Louis Jewish Book Festival

STL JBF Presents “Comedy, Conversation, and Courageous Women”


The 36th annual St. Louis Jewish Book Festival is about to kick off (November 2-16), and the women’s special event always attracts a sellout crowd with laughter, compelling literature, and, of course, decadent desserts that you can burn off the next morning in spin class.

This year’s literary lollapalooza is no exception, featuring a Girl’s Night Out on November 4 that you don’t want to miss. “Comedy, Conversation, and Courageous Women” features a panel of three extraordinarily talented authors whose works include a fascinating biography of the world’s first female astronaut, a comic memoir about marital escapades, and another autobiography on the brutally funny side of surviving breast cancer. Let’s just say all three of these titles are worthy of the most discerning book clubs, so get ready for a night of fun.

They are Cindy Chupack, Lynn Sherr, and Geralyn Lucas.

“All three of these celebrities are passionate ambassadors for women’s causes,” says Scott Berzon, director of the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival. “Their books cover comedy and serious topics as well, so guests can expect energy and more energy.”
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