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You’re Invited To A Bracha Party!

Gavna tent for dinner

Bracha parties bring friends and food together.

With Hanukkah around the corner, now is the perfect time for a gift exchange, especially when the presents are filled with love, spirituality, and delicious snacks and drinks. The upcoming Bracha party—which is like a prayer gift exchange– is all about sharing blessings over special foods with our “sisters” who are part of the St. Louis Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) and Jewish Women’s Society (JWS) family.

A Bracha is a blessing that is recited at specific times during services and rituals, and this is how a Bracha or Amen party works:

First, women sit around a big table filled with a delicious spread that fits into five symbolic food groups. Stop right there. You had me at women and food.

Greenblatts dinner table

JWRP 2013 gathers around the table.


Mezonot are foods made from the five grains, which symbolizes a prayer for financial success.

Hagefen is grape juice or wine—a prayer to find or strengthen a relationship or marriage. In other words, a toast to a better love life.

Ha’etz are fruits that grow on a tree—a prayer to protect our children or help them get through finals or find a job after graduation.

Ha’adma are vegetables that don’t grow on trees—a prayer for the relief of someone who is sick or suffering.

Shehakol are all other foods—a prayer for anything you would like to ask God for, nothing is too big or too small.

bracha food

Feeding the soul.

Next, each person takes a turn holding up a piece of food and reciting out loud a specific prayer that goes with that category of food. Some people add Besamim, which are fragrances or teshuva—a prayer to return to the person we are meant to be, our true self.

After each prayer, we all say Amen.

“The Bracha party is very special because the beautiful ceremony brings us all together like one family. I feel the power of my sisters surrounding me with love, and it makes my prayers feel stronger,” says Peggy Umansky, chairperson of JWS.

Don’t miss our Bracha party, exclusively for JWRP and JWS members. Please contact our group leader Mimi David for a food assignment, including kosher wine, sparkling grape juice, crackers, cookies, grapes, almonds or tree nuts (no peanuts), baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sodas, hummus, tortilla chips, and chocolate. (It’s not a party without chocolate).

Hope you can join us for a festive evening of food, friendship, and spiritual growth!

Monday, Dec. 15, 7:30 p.m

Aish Firehouse

357 North Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017

To RSVP call (314) 862-2474 or contact Peggy at JWSociety@hotmail.com.

toasting at Spaghettis Restaurant in Jerusalem