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Are You A Hot Mamalah?


Author Lisa Alcalay Klug must like book covers with bling. Her first pop culture phenomenon, Cool Jew, which recently made “The 2012 Chanukah Gift Guide” in the Daily News and was a number one Amazon bestseller, features a thick gold chain with a sparkly emblem. Her follow-up title, Hot Mamalah. The Ultimate Guide for Every Women of the Tribe, screams hot pink and is decorated with glistening diamonds, which makes me want to walk around town and flaunt this book like a clutch purse.

But it’s the inside of this literary gem that makes me proud to be a Jewish woman. It starts out with “cocktails, mocktails & more,” so you know you’re in for a treat. She also gets right into the top 10 ways you know you’re a hot mamalah. You’ll have to read her book to find out if you cut the Dijon mustard. Hint: “Would you rather die than pay retail?” If you answer yes, then you’re a hot mamalah. How about,  “You love to stay out late and by late we mean tomorrow.” Again, this makes you a hot mamalah.

Lisa summarizes, “When life becomes one big smorgasbord, you amp up your appetite for having fun and having chutzpah, for feeding yourself, your family, your friends, and your fantasies. ‘Your Life: The Shmorg’ is about playing by your own rules, speaking your mind, looking fine, and saving a dime.”

Bottom line, Klug inspires readers to “Surrender to the kitsch and be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

For all the funnies she delivers, Klug has a notable serious side. Living in Jerusalem, she is an award-winning journalist, public speaker, and daughter of an Ashkenazi Holocaust survivor. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, Shape, Self, and many others. A humorist, slam poet and public speaker, Klug has presented at more than 100 venues thoughout North America, Europe, and Israel.

Obviously, she has a passion for Jewish culture, and after reading her book, so do I.

And one more thing…lookie HERE for the Hot Mamalah Hanukkah giveaway!