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The Secret To A Happy Marriage

This is one of my favorite “Lori Almost Live” videos. It’s about the importance of a husband giving his wife flowers on Shabbos. Not a plant. Not a new phone charger. Not a pair of earrings. Not an empty container of Tupperware leftover from lunch at the office. Fresh flowers are a special gift. And if a man really wants to make a good impression on his better half? Flowers with a simple note.

Any kind of flower–roses, daises, lilies, tulips–is a thoughtful gesture that means a lot. A bouquet of flowers that decorates the table on Friday night warms the heart, strengthens the relationship, and symbolizes beauty.  And the best part about our Jewish tradition?  A husband doesn’t have to wait until a birthday, or an anniversary, or a Hallmark card holiday to show his love and gratitude for his wife. He has the opportunity to express his affection every single week.

Good Shabbos. Enjoy your flowers.

flower orange