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JWRP’s Lori Palatnik Coming to STL!

When Lori Palatnik speaks, people listen. We not only listen, we take action. This internationally renowned teacher, speaker and author is the founding director of Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), which has brought more than 4,000 women from 15 different countries to Israel since 2009 on a subsidized tour-and-learn program.

The 2013 JWRP "St. Louis Soul Sisters, Aish rooftop, in the Old City.

The 2013 JWRP “St. Louis Soul Sistas,” on the Aish rooftop, in the Old City.

Her weekly video blog, Lori Almost Live, gets 50,000 views each month on the Aish.com website, and now here’s YOUR opportunity to see her LIVE, in person. (And you don’t need a passport to get in the door).

Back by popular demand, Lori is coming to St. Louis on Monday, February 17 for a public speaking event about “Kabbalah of You—Understanding Yourself and Appreciating Others.” Trust me, you don’t want to miss this fascinating presentation on how the kabbalah analyzes our personality in two parts—body and soul. We’ll not only learn what makes us tick, but how we can better understand and improve the relationships we have in our lives, with our spouse, our children, and ourselves.

If you’re lucky enough to have met Palatnik on a JWRP mission to Israel, then you already know how powerful and relevant her words of wisdom are; and if you’ve never witnessed her in action, then you’re in for a real treat. This Toronto native commands the stage and works the room like an IDF sergeant (only less intimidating and more fun). With microphone in hand—look out—she’s a force to be reckoned with.

The JWRP mission is “to empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform ourselves, our families, and our communities,” and Palatnik has succeeded in doing just that with no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. Currently, this 53-year-old mother of five travels between her two homes, in Maryland and Israel, with her husband Rabbi Yaakov Palatnik, as she writes follow-up classes and programs for 83 different partnering organizations around the world.

The JWRP is so successful, in fact, Israel’s Ministry of the Diaspora has announced it will double any donation JWRP receives and plans to bring twice the number of JWRP women to Israel in 2014!

Take that Pew study!

It’s no wonder Palatnik recently was named Jewish Women International’s “Ten Women To Watch,” which honors women who have excelled in a variety of fields and bring a unique vision to the world.  In her acceptance speech that she gave in Washington D.C. in front of 700 Jewish elite, Palatnik uses her humor and intellect to describe how a GPS is a metaphor for life.

“We all have a GPS inside us. It’s built in, came with the factory. And that’s our God Positioning System. It’s our soul….What’s the first thing you have to do in your car? You have to turn it on. So to when we wake up in the morning, we’re supposed to say Modei Anhi, thanking God for restoring our soul. The next thing you have to do with your GPS in your car, you have to put in where you’re going. If you don’t know where you’re going, God can’t get you there.”

Anyway, click HERE and watch the clip yourself. It’s only a few minutes long, and you’ll see why Palatnik is a pro at making something so profound sound so easy.

What makes JWRP so important is what happens after participants come home from their unforgettable 9-day adventure, which includes everything from praying at The Western Wall and exploring the Masada, to kayaking on the Jordan River and visiting an Army base, and, of course, learning inspiring lessons from prominent Rabbis and teachers. A recent poll of JWRP participants reveals that most women return from their Israel journey feeling passionate about their Jewish identity and committed to staying connected with each other and their community. Personally, I felt inspired to learn more about where I came from and where I’m going. Where I came from is our ancestors, who left us a 4,000-year-old legacy; and where I’m going is in my hands, as I do what I can to influence the next generation.

Meeting Lori in Tzvat was a thrill.

Having sunset dinner with Lori in the ancient city of Tzvat.

Aish St. Louis has played an active role in the growing JWRP, sending more than 70 women to Israel since 2010. Last summer, I was one of the “St. Louis Soul Sistas,” and we are a perfect example of how JWRP impacts the world, one mom at a time. Since our Israel adventure, we love to get together and have fun. We bake challah, celebrate Shabbat, take classes, attend each other’s simchas, eat Mediterranean food, do mitzvahs, plan community events, and take on leadership roles in Jewish organizations.  Sometimes we even bite off more than we can chew, but we do it together.

Celebrating Shabbat with our Lone Soldier John.

Celebrating Shabbat with our Lone Soldier John.

“I began my public speaking career in St. Louis many years ago, and so I have a special love for your town,” said Palatnik. “Aish St. Louis seems to send the most fabulous young mothers we have ever seen!  I cannot wait to come back and rock the town–see all of you soon!”

Help us welcome Palatnik to the Gateway to the West, on Monday, February 17, at Clayton Crown Plaza Hotel, 7750 Carondelet Avenue, Clayton, MO 63015. The community wide event, which is sponsored by Aish HaTorah St. Louis, in cooperation with Nishmah, starts at 7:30 p.m., and doors open at 7 p.m. A donation of $18 is suggested at the door, or you can make a $36 advanced payment and get VIP expedited registration, reserved premier seating, and a signed copy of Palatnik’s “Remember my Soul.”

To buy your tickets in advance, please go HERE. For more information, contact Aish St. Louis at 314-862-2474.