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Mom Offers Computer Camp

All these years I thought that my kids were wasting their time and their brain cells while they were glued to their video games and electronic devices. As a good parent, I constantly nagged them to do something more productive, like read a book, ride a bike, or help me fold the towels. Thankfully, they chose to ignore my advice, (although I still resent having to do all the laundry). Without their savvy technological skills that they developed at an early age, I’d be lost these days. You see, I recently made the monumental transition from a PC to a Mac, which is the equivalent of being dropped from an airplane into a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and can’t ask for directions to the nearest bathroom or coffeehouse without sounding like a total moron.

I’m not ashamed to admit that many a time I want to throw my new laptop across the room because I’m uncoordinated and can’t figure out how to slide my fingers across a track pad, let alone comprehend what an iCloud is. Good thing my kids don’t go to camp this summer. I’ve dragged them with me to the Apple store so many times (I bribe them with frozen yogurt) that the “geniuses” in the blue t-shirts know me by my first name and can recall my password every time I draw a blank.

So moms, don’t worry if your kids spend their days clicking in front of a computer screen. You never know when you’ll need their help with your next PowerPoint presentation.