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Share Your Confessions Here

Typically Jews don’t make confessions. Instead we carry our guilt like heavy bricks on our backs the way our ancestors did when they were slaves in Egypt.

So, I’ve created this sacred place in the blogosphere where moms everywhere can go and release their sins. Feel free to send me your’s at any time.

I’ll start.

Forgive me when I…

• Curse at my kids when I take their picture for our annual holiday card because they aren’t smiling the right way or look like they don’t love each other.

• Save the end pieces of kamish bread for my family because the perfectly shaped rectangle pieces are served to guests.

• Refuse to pluck pin feathers from a kosher chicken even though the soup tastes better.

• Tear out recipes in magazines that are the property of the dentist office.

• Let my kids eat white bread.

• Cry every time I read anything from “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books or listen to “Papa Can You Hear Me?” on the Yentl soundtrack.

• Peel the skin off bananas for my teenage son, and cut the bruises, too, even though he is capable of doing it himself.

• Use a towel only once after a shower even though I know it’s clean and running the washing machine non-stop is bad for the environment and a waste of energy.

• Used to make my daughter sleep on the floor in my bedroom and my dog is nestled comfortably beside me on a pillow.

• Don’t always read the book in book club, sometimes just the inside cover, and still go to the meetings for the wine and appetizers.

• Still don’t know how to text or tweet.

• Don’t decalcify my coffeepot with vinegar every three months.

• Borrow coins from the family tzedakah jar to pay for Girl Scout cookies.

• Eat a bagel during Passover.

• Don’t save my kids’ SAT scores and report cards.

• Let my kids get shikkered on charoset because I mix the apples, walnuts, and honey with so much Manischewitz grape wine.

• Pretend that cookie samples or any small pieces of food that are free at the grocery store have zero calories.

I will try to update this list regularly. Feel free to send me your confessions, and I will publish them here. You’ll feel better. I promise.