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Saying Thanks To Mom Makes Her Day

In honor of upcoming Mother’s Day, I dedicate this week’s column to all moms, especially mine because without her I wouldn’t here. If not for my mom, I wouldn’t be born. Otherwise, my soul might have ended up in the physical body of a dolphin or an eagle or a peasant farmer in Mexico. But I wouldn’t be me.

So, thanks mom. Thanks for everything you’ve done to me—I mean for me—over the years. Your unconditional love has helped shape the person who I am today. In fact, when Sari wants to know where I get my “matza tuchas,” I give you all the credit. Likewise, when my daughter giggles at her dimples in the mirror, I remind her to watch her Grandma Char smile.

Mom, you’ve taught me so much about life and how kind words and homemade chocolate chip cookies go a long way. You never forget to send a birthday card or wrap a present. From you I learned the importance of gratitude and a thank you note. Mom, you’re a sweet, caring person. You enjoy being with others but don’t mind being alone either. You always make time to share a cup of tea. You are forever cutting out coupons and articles for me.

You’re not afraid to try new recipes, and you hooked me on the 24-hour Food Network. Plus, your mock chopped liver has become your signature dish. Even though you never can remember where you left your sunglasses, your mind is sharp, and you balance your checkbook and pay your bills without a calculator.

You’re also not afraid to speak your mind and give your opinion. Plus, you continue to show me everyday that aging is all about attitude. You’ve been going to the Fox Theatre since you were a kid, and you still love musicals and plays. You’re also a fan of Cardinals baseball and introduced Jack to cotton candy at his first game at Busch Stadium when he was only three years old.

When it comes to the latest fashions, you’re never too old to go shopping even though you rather call capri pants pedal pushers, and for the longest time you referred to Dillard’s as Stix. Not only that, I get more compliments on your hand-me-down tote bags.

Another valuable lesson that I learned from you is to always put the needs of my children first. For example, just like you, I hide the black liquorice nibs in the drawer of my dining room buffet table so that no one spoils their appetites. Even when I hear my kids open a candy wrapper from my disappearing secret stash, I keep the Hershey kisses in the same place anyway. That’s love.

Especially when it comes to your children and grandchildren, you celebrate every accomplishment, big and small. You still get excited every time Jack makes a base hit or Sari gets a perfect score on her spelling test or when a story of mine is published.

The older I get, the more I appreciate your wisdom and the end pieces of kamish bread. So thanks mom for everything, especially for giving me the mishegas of motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!

“Mishegas of Motherhood” is the creation of Ellie S. Grossman, a St. Louis freelance writer and stay-at-home-mom who never stays home. Currently, she is obsessing over the photo album of her son’s recent bar mitzvah, so please feel free to send any advice to: ellie@mishegasofmotherhood.com or visit her website at www.mishegasofmotherhood.com.