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LTYM Videos Are Up! So Why Am I Reading About My Dog?

The videos from the 2014 season of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER are now on YouTube! WHOO HOO! We had shows in 32 cities this year, and you can watch the St. Louis production right HERE.

All of our stories cover some aspect of motherhood that might make you laugh or cry or relate to in some way, and hopefully you’ll want to come back next year or event submit your own piece.

And while most of our readers share intimate details about their children, I spill my heart out for my dog. That’s because my toy poodle Luci is my baby, and all you dog lovers out there will know what I’m talking about.

So even though I cringe when I watch myself on video (does my voice really sound that nasally?) I share with you my video on “Mom’s Best Friend Is A Dog.”

Thank  you T. Rowe Price for sponsoring the release of our 2014 show videos. Watch them all on our LTYM YouTube channel.