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Listen To Your Mother St. Louis 2014

LTYM Videos Are Up! So Why Am I Reading About My Dog?

The videos from the 2014 season of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER are now on YouTube! WHOO HOO! We had shows in 32 cities this year, and you can watch the St. Louis production right HERE.

All of our stories cover some aspect of motherhood that might make you laugh or cry or relate to in some way, and hopefully you’ll want to come back next year or event submit your own piece.

And while most of our readers share intimate details about their children, I spill my heart out for my dog. That’s because my toy poodle Luci is my baby, and all you dog lovers out there will know what I’m talking about.

So even though I cringe when I watch myself on video (does my voice really sound that nasally?) I share with you my video on “Mom’s Best Friend Is A Dog.”

Thank  you T. Rowe Price for sponsoring the release of our 2014 show videos. Watch them all on our LTYM YouTube channel.

Thank You STL For Listening To Your Mother!

ellie, laura and naomi with LTYM frame

Co-Producer/Directors Ellie, Laura & Naomi

For the 2nd year in a row, I just want to say thank you to everyone who made LTYM STL 2014 a huge success. To those of you who submitted stories and trusted us with your words, we are grateful. To everyone who bravely auditioned, to those who made the cut and bared their soul on stage, to our family and friends who bought a ticket and cheered for us in the audience, we are touched by your kindness. To the many local businesses who generously supported us through sponsorships, thank you for believing in us. And to our national sponsors, BlogHer and Chevy—together we can grow this national movement to give Mother’s Day a microphone.

The Nest cast and sponsors

LTYM 2014 Cast & Sponsors.


cast on stage at end-1588

Also, many thanks to the local TV/Radio media who gave us the limelight and helped us spread the word. We had a blast with Margie Ellisor at Fox2News, Virginia Kerr at Great Day St. Louis, and Brenda Fraser at BlogTalk Radio, as well as West NewsMagazine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis Jewish Light, and more.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we are honored to bring our community a platform to share our stories in front of a live audience and make a difference. Better still, thanks to your ticket purchase, we were able to make a substantial donation to a worthwhile cause, Girls In The Know. Collectively, the 32 LTYM cities raised more than $26,000 for local charities this year–WHOO HOO!

While we all return to our previous lives and enjoy our summers, stay tuned in the coming weeks for videos posted on our LTYM YouTube channel, as well as our slideshow, special announcements, and a call for submissions for LTYM 2015!  In case you didn’t get enough LTYM, here’s the blog I wrote for our website. 

See ya in 2015 St. Louis!

cast on steps

The 2014 LTYM STL cast.

LTYM selfie

Our selfie!

Group shot funny-1442

And, finally,  thank you to my teenagers, Sari and Jack, for putting up with me all these months while I worked nonstop on LTYM and made carryout dinner the norm because I was too busy writing, editing, strategizing, promoting, going to meetings, and hanging up flyers everywhere we went, from public bathroom stalls to coffee shops.  Without you, well, I wouldn’t be a mom. I love you!!!

Ellie with Sari and Jack

My kids, Sari & Jack, who made it all possible.