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“Mishegas” Interview Featured in Novelist’s Blog

As a journalist, I’m usually the interviewer, but recently I had the golden opportunity to be the interviewee. What writer wouldn’t jump at the chance to talk about herself? It’s kind of like the mom who never appears in any family snapshots because she’s the one behind the camera all the time. When my kids become adults and look through our cherished photo albums, they’ll question whether their own mother ever went on vacations with them or even existed at all. Where did they think I was—at home cleaning out their closets and enjoying some much needed time to myself? Not a bad idea.

Anyway, back to my point. My moment in the spotlight came thanks to the accomplished book author Julie Compton who interviewed me on her blog “When The Muse Strikes” Click here to read our conversation.

A fellow native St. Louisan, Compton and I have a lot in common. We are writers. We are moms of two teenagers. (My 11-year-old daughter sure acts like one). We went to the same high school and college in Missouri. We have the same maiden name, Grossman. We both live near water. (She calls the beach in Florida her home, while I live about 45 miles from the muddy Mississippi River).

Compton is definitely a writer to follow. She is getting rave reviews as a masterful storyteller and has already penned two suspense thrillers—“Rescuing Olivia” and “Tell No Lies”—which you can read about on her website www.julie-compton.com.