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KaleidoFest Offers A Taste of Israel (Without A Passport)

A birthday is a cause for celebration, and when the birthday is the sixtieth anniversary of the State of Israel, the party takes on a life of its own. Even if you can’t get to Jerusalem next week to watch a nationwide laser light show and hear Barbara Streisand belt out “Avinu Malkeinu” live on stage, or to Radio City Music Hall in New York to enjoy another star-studded gala, Kaleidoscope Israel brings the Jewish State right here to St. Louis. Continue reading

Israeli War Hits Close to Home; Parents Help Children Cope

The morning starts out innocent enough. Like every other school day, Sari brushes her sun-streaked curls before I twirl her soft hair in a ponytail. Now a second grader, Sari checks her homework inside her new pink camouflage backpack, while I whip up a strawberry yogurt smoothie in the blender for us to share at breakfast. I join Sari at the kitchen table and watch her use one finger to carefully spread thick cream cheese on a blueberry bagel. Then, out of nowhere, she asks me, “Has Osama Bin Laden been caught yet?” Continue reading