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Blacklisted Book Celebrates 1st Birthday

I admire authors who have chutzpah, and funny girl Lela Davidson is one of them. The cover of her book Blacklisted from the PTA shows her legs in hot pink stilettos dangling from a shopping cart. If that doesn’t peek your interest enough to read what’s inside I don’t know what does.

This queen of social media marketing recently threw a virtual birthday bash for her baby (not her real baby, but her book baby), and I was lucky enough to be invited. Then again, I offered to bring wine. Drink up everyone, and “La Chaim” (the Hebrew word for “To Life”!)

Lela’s award-winning collection of real-life essays about parenting from an Arkansas mom’s point of view makes you feel right at home, and let’s just say she detests camping as much as I do. To give you an idea of her charm and wit, drop by her website After The Bubbly, and click on her podcasts as she reads chapters like, “Thank God I’m A Country Girl,” “The Legend of My Ten-Pound Baby,” and “Date Night At Sam’s Club.” Her voice is silky smooth (so is her perfectly couffed hair, although I’ve actually never touched it).

Strange, but notice how you don’t hear any noise in the background of her audios. She must have locked her kids in the closet for a few hours.

Now here’s your chance to read how you too can get blacklisted from the PTA or sisterhood or whatever organization you couldn’t say “no” to. In honor of this special birthday, Lela is offering a chance to win a personalized copy of her book. I told you she was a real charmer. Just leave a comment about one of your mishegas moments in motherhood (like when you make dinner for your family, and nobody shows up at the same time to eat; or that morning in preschool carpool line when you accidentally locked your keys in the van, with the engine running, and your toddler screaming in the car seat; or  how about when you almost caught the house on fire while baking Shrinky Dinks in the oven for a science project, or was that just me?).  Based on my favorite post (and I usually don’t pick favorites contrary to what my daughter thinks), I will randomly choose a name. Then, Lela will mail you her book (Kindle also available) during the second week of August. How easy is that?

You get a free book and a new BFF.

Meanwhile, she asked each guest blogger to write about a subject that makes a significant difference in the lives of women. So, naturally, I chose what I know best. Chocolate.

10 Reasons Moms Need Chocolate (NOW!)
(unless you have allergies or you’re diabetic,
then there’s always pinot grigio)

1. Chocolate has many health benefits including, protects your heart, stimulates endorphin production, increases longevity, and lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

2. Chocolate tastes good.

3. You can easily hide chocolate from your kids.

4. Chocolate contains serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant, and therefore is cheaper than therapy.

5. Chocolate is less addictive than alcohol.

6. Chocolate is inspiring, especially when you read the messages inside Dove Promises.

7. Chocolate curbs your appetite, so you don’t overeat at mealtimes.

8. A cheap Hershey bar with almonds is just as satisfying as expensive Godiva.

9. Chocolate makes a perfect gift for a husband to give his wife on any occasion, such as birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, Martin Luther King Day, the first day of school, the first day of your period, the last day of summer…you get the idea.

10. Chocolate makes you smarter. I think.

  • Looks like a great book and, if you endorse it, I’m sure it’s a winner! I can’t think of a specific “Mishegas Moment” with my kids because every minute is filled with craziness and multi-tasking.

  • Hi Rochelle, I hope you like it! Looks like you have pretty good odds for winning a signed copy so far 😉

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  • Ronni

    When my now 16 yr old was 5 we were driving and talking about games she played at recess and I asked her if she would like to play soccer, her response, “I just know I was not born to sweat.” Her dad and I still laugh about this moment.

  • Amy Worth

    I took my 1 1/2 year old son to preschool, along with my friend’s daughter, who was the same age. I pulled up in carpool line, got out of the car and closed the door…..with the car running and the doors locked! It was cold outside, but the heat was on:). The kids just sat in their car seats talking and smiling. The director had to drive me home to get an extra set of keys, while some of the parents and teachers talked to the kids through the window. Oy, but a great story to tell!

  • I haven’t heard of this book but after reading your review, I really am interested. Very intrigued. She sounds like she has the personality of someone who stands up for her beliefs and can laugh about all the bumps in the road we have in life. I’m going to check this out more.

    Thanks for following me on facebook at Dedicated2life.com
    I’ll be adding you to keep up with your blog as well.


  • Thanks, and tell her I sent you!